My Lawyer Is Not Fighting for Me: 5 Signs & What to Do


What if My Lawyer is Not Fighting for Me, what you do? You’ve likely heard the saying, “The expensive buy you ever create is a good lawyer.”

While there are some incredible pro-bono lawyers out there, behind this invented sentence there is some reality.

Whether you’re facing fines from Houston DWI or sorting out probation from DWI, it’s critical you can find a poor lawyer’s indications, and quickly.

The last thing you need when your future is gambling is an incompetent lawyer playing matches with your survival.

There are some tell-tale signs of a lousy lawyer, don’t be fooled by short-sighted charm. If you ask, “How can I tell if my lawyer is not fighting for my case?”.

The first stuff you ought to look at here.

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No One Respects that Lawyer:

The first sign that my lawyer is not fighting for me is none respects that lawyer. Law may not be a competition of popularity, but it respects matters when it comes to battling a court case.

Here’s a poor lawyer’s first indication:

  • if your attorney doesn’t seem to be well supported by colleagues (both inside and outside the courtroom), this might be a bad sign of how they’re going to conduct during your trial.
  • A lawyer who is scarcely able to communicate with court staff will have a truly difficult time affecting a court against an aggressive prosecutor.
  • If your attorney gets poor vibes, the jury will also have opportunities.


No Enthusiasm for Your Case:

Winning over a jury implies the logic and belief of bringing a rational case. If, when they speak to you, your lawyer seems unenthusiastic or wishy-washy, think how a jury will respond to them by introducing your case.

Remember, you’re the client of your lawyer— if they can’t inspire you to believe in what they’re selling, and they don’t seem to do their work, you’re entitled to prevent the transaction and ask for something better. This shows that my lawyer is not fighting for me.

On the flip side, another indication of a poor lawyer could be an over-confident selling lawyer. A professional attorney would make sure you’re ready for the best, bad, and ugliest scenarios.

Don’t drop for someone to tell you what you want to know at all times. There’s a chance this lawyer either doesn’t consider all the chances or keeps something out of you.

And probably your reaction will be my lawyer is not fighting for me.


Unethical Behavior:

This might be one of a poor lawyer’s most hazardous indications. It will always be a task for many individuals to balance excellent judgment and bad suggestions.

If you are ever advised by your lawyer to lie or violate the law, instantly shoot this individual.

It would be highly dangerous for your situation to get caught in a lie immediately or through a witness called — even if it was all guided by this attorney.

When this occurs, the greatest case scenario is to declare a mistrial with the disbarred attorney.

Worst case scenario? Both you and the lawyer are prosecuted with tanked protection perjury.

Anyway, the illegal path in the court of law is never the correct way to gain.


Vague Billing:

Be careful about the value you pay for. It is simple to get pulled into inexpensive protection about frugal decisions and get undesirable outcomes.

That said; wait for attorneys to cut you dry even more closely.

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If you see meaningless fees, are not accurate, or your lawyer can not articulate what you are prosecuted for, you have every excuse to fire them and employ fresh lawyers.


Unanswerable Calls:  

To reply to your inquiries and educate you about fresh trends in your situation, your lawyer should be at your disposal.

While it is completely understandable for your lawyer to skip an occasional call or be unable to respond instantly to a letter, it is not OK for them to completely disregard you.

You pay for their moment and knowledge.

If you don’t receive this, they don’t give you the greatest possible service.


What Should You Do When Your Lawyer is Not Fighting for You?

Sometimes life can be very hard for some folks. Life may seem difficult for individuals who experience separation or divorce.

Moreover, when you feel that the lawyer you hired doesn’t do everything, they can to help you during this hard moment, life can seem insurmountable.

So, what should you do if you think your lawyer is not fighting for your situation of divorce?

Below are a few possibly helpful concepts.


Management of Expectations:

The first thing you can do is to let them know your concrete expectations from the beginning of your relationship with your attorney.

Some attorneys and customers will sign an agreement with each other on anticipated charges, schedules, and the lawyer’s accessibility.

If you expect your lawyer to keep frequent (e.g. daily) touch with you on your situation, then the agreement should specify these conditions.

Whether you have signed an agreement or not, if you think your lawyer neglects you during your divorce proceedings, you can use other approaches.


Try Emails and Phones:

The finest, most unobtrusive way to get the attention of your lawyer is to send them an email.

Lawyers review their messages frequently, so it’s a nice way to see if someone is going to react to you from their desk.

If your lawyer is not responding via email, you should call their office. A mobile call is more private and direct than an email.

Since you’re talking over the telephone to your lawyer, you should be able to better assess why they haven’t carried out actions that you think are essential.

If you are unable to talk to your attorney or are unhappy with the discussion outcomes, then proceed to the next phase.


Write a Letter:

Another excellent way to get your point to your lawyer is to send a letter. You may want to state in the document a specific date you hope them to hear, or you want them to complete something.

There are several deadlines that your lawyer will have to fulfill while working through the phases of a divorce.

Therefore, insisting that these deadlines are fulfilled is essential for you.

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